Why Process Is More Important Than You Think

Why Process Is More Important Than You Think

The jury is still out.

Some companies value process, while others emphasize results. ‘Show me the numbers!’ as they say.

The startup culture especially seems to follow in the second category. Inspired by mantras like ‘most fast and break things’, start-up owners find themselves in a race against time. They have to achieve exponential growth in a short time to satisfy investors and to become the next big thing.

But while agility and innovation is necessary, no company can move forward or sustain without process.

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Importance of Process

Processes are vital because they determine how things are done in a company. All companies, even small ones, have processes in place, whether they realize it or not.

Does your team clock in every morning at 9? That’s a process.

Do you have performance meetings every third Friday of the month? Here’s another process.

These are examples of informal processes.

Formal processes, on the other hand, include things like taking notes during the meeting and communicating the takeaways with the entire team, or, designating supervisors and line managers for different teams.

As you can see, process ensures clarity and smoothness of communication in an organization.

Moreover, the process also involves thinking about how operations can improve. This allows companies to be creative and flexible while also having a structure to work within.

Process Helps to Overcome Failure

Someone described insanity as ‘doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results’.

This makes a lot of sense from a process point of view. While failing is an inevitable part of business, you should never repeat your mistakes. That is why you need to set up processes in your company that guard you against repeating past failures.

This process can be something as simple as a team meeting or something more systematic, like training and coaching for new employees. Also, there should be an accessible database where team members can check if an idea or strategy has been tried on the past, and the results it generated.

These are some of the ways of how processes can help you overcome mistakes that keep your business from growing.

Process Keeps you Motivated

When your company faces a set-back, the process can play a major role in keeping the team motivated.

While assessing and diagnosing your mistakes is a crucial process, you also need another process for positive reinforcement. This means that you have to remind your team of the company’s vision, objectives, and goals. Show them the big picture so they know what they are working towards, even when they encounter failure.

So these are some examples of why process is more important than you think. Without these systems and proper direction, no business can thrive in the long-run.

As our founder Bill K says, to achieve results, we must understand and focus on the process. In fact, our very name PROfessional SucCESS South shows the centrality of a process in our approach.

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