Why Communication is the Most Important Ability a Leader Needs

Why Communication is the Most Important Ability a Leader Needs

Great leaders exist. You see them daily in the world of politics, business, and even on the football field.

Most of us desire excellence in leadership. Especially those moving up the ladder, the aspiring managers and vice presidents who need to know that one essential ingredient that will help them rise to the top of their game.

That essential ingredient, as you will shortly learn, is communication.

So what is effective communication, and why is it so important for leaders? Let’s find out!

What Effective Communication Looks Like

Many people think that communication is speaking. If there was a list of communication myths, this will definitely be No.1!

Then there are some thoughtful leaders who go a step further and understand communication as a two-way street, one where you not just speak but also listen.

But even this is just scratching the surface. In fact, leadership communication is both complex and multi-faceted. It involves much more than just the speak/listen binary.

This is because leaders need to communicate across organizational levels, with stakeholders and sometimes even on a global scale. This requires:

  • Clear thinking
  • Fluid expression
  • Sharing information with different audiences
  • Handling rapid flows of information from directors, employees, customers, partners etc.

Great leaders around us make all this look easy, but communication is a critical component of leadership.

Why is Communication Necessary for Leaders?

Communication lies at the heart of leadership. This may not seem evident at first, but we can work this out easily.

Some of the core traits of strong leadership are discipline, accountability, empowerment and strategic alignment.

And when we think about leadership functions, these will include inspiring, innovating, planning and organizing.

Of course, you can think of other leadership qualities and functions. But it is clear that communication is what holds them all altogether.

How can you instill discipline and accountability? How do you inspire your teams? For all these questions, there is only one answer: communication.  If communication is something you struggle with, reach out to Professional Success South in San Diego, California to take the next step towards leadership success. Schedule your free coaching session today https://professionalsuccesssouth.com/schedule-a-free-coaching-session/

How can you Communicate Effectively as a Leader?

As a leader, there are three communication essentials that you must never forget:

  1. Be Honest

Authenticity counts a lot in leadership. It includes being open to your own shortcomings and also bringing attention to problem areas within individuals and departments. This also means that you have to find your own voice (instead of copying your favorite speaker from YouTube!)

  1. Show Up

The best leaders understand that being visible is an integral part of communication. When you show up in person (instead of, let’s say, shooting an email), people will feel connected to the work you want them to do.

  1.  Listen

Finally and most importantly, leaders are those who listen. When you pay attention to what people have to say, you will build a culture of trust, respect and openness around you

The good news is that effective communication is a skill that you can learn and become better at. We know this because we have been able to teach clear communication to more than 4,000 senior-level executives across the U.S. So if you are an aspiring leader residing in San Diego, California, reach out to Professional Success South, a results-oriented firm headed by leading sales trainer and business consultant Bill Kurzeja. Schedule your free coaching session today: https://professionalsuccesssouth.com/schedule-a-free-coaching-session/