What COVID-19 Has Taught Us About Leadership

What COVID-19 Has Taught Us About Leadership

It’s not easy.

If adjusting to changes brought about by COVID-19 wasn’t enough, we are now facing a change of government as well. So while you may be staring at 2021 with helpless ambiguity, your employees have their eyes set on you. 

Instead of retracing their steps, this is an opportune time for leaders to step up and face new challenges head-on. And this is exactly what we teach in our leadership programs.

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In today’s blog, we reflect on leadership lessons learned during the pandemic and how leaders can revamp their strategy for both short- and long-term success.

Forget Normal

Whether you like it or not, the pandemic has instilled new habits and behaviors in employees and customers that aren’t likely to die out soon. Hence, you will have to redefine ‘normal’ for your organization.

This is also an excellent time to decide which behaviors to take forward and which ones to leave behind. For instance, has the lockdown increased empathy in your teams or uncovered glaring communication defects?

Be Ready For Greater Accountability

CEOs and managers of the future will not just be responsible for financial statements and IPOs, but leadership beyond 2020 will also comprise environmental and socio-economic aspects.

COVID-19 has also shown us that companies can no longer neglect health, safety, and hygiene concerns. These issues will ultimately impact your legacy as a leader.

Be Proactive And Agile

Many companies have become more efficient as the ‘red tape’ was removed. And a lot of employees discovered they are more productive when they work remotely. The pandemic also helped leaders identify the next level of leadership in the form of employees who were proactive, agile, and went beyond their call of duty.

Futureproof Your Workforce

Qualifications don’t prepare you for a pandemic. It is the capabilities and skills, especially soft skills, which really matter in a dynamic work environment. And that’s why future hiring and training for businesses should emphasize more on futureproof skills rather than degrees and certifications.

Embrace Technology

Finally, COVID-19 has enhanced the role of technology. Mobile apps and computer software that were used as short-term communication and productivity tools suddenly became the lifeblood of many companies.

Digital tools are no longer the secondary components of your business operations. You have to embrace new ways of working, especially in the realm of AI, robotics, and data science.

To sum up, seeking opportunity from this crisis is necessary for leaders to aid their organization’s survival, recovery, and long-term growth.

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