The Importance Of Accountability In A Car Dealership & How This Positively Impacts Your Car Sales

The Importance Of Accountability In A Car Dealership & How This Positively Impacts Your Car Sales

Accountability is intimidating but necessary. People generally try to find their way around it or avoid it all costs. It is human behavior to shrug responsibility. Similarly, no one likes accountability. However, accountability can prove very beneficial for a car dealership.

But how can you instill accountability amongst your employees?

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Accountability develops a sense of responsibility amongst employees, and fear of negative consequences if they don’t perform well or meet specific standards set by an organization.

In contrast, accountability is excellent for maintaining a car dealership’s standards and pushing employees to perform better. It can also have a crippling effect. It creates a stressful environment that can take a toll on employee retention and turnover. 

Counter any negativity that may arise and explain to your employees what you expect from them and how accountability is beneficial for everyone.

If you want to instill accountability amongst your employees at the dealership, then here’s what you need to do. Create an environment that is pro accountability. Show your employees that you are accountable too.

Reward those who embrace accountability and discipline those who try to counter or avoid it. Communicate how essential and beneficial accountability is. And finally, make specific practices a part of their job description, so being accountable becomes a part of their role.

At a car dealership, employees are accountable to four entities:

  • Customers
  • Employer/Boss
  • Organization
  • Themselves

All the actions, practices, and decisions an employee takes at the workplace somehow or the other impact the four entities mentioned above. So they need to be responsible and make sure that what they are doing is in everyone’s best interests.

This, in turn, will impact car sales at your dealership. Let’s look at some examples of how accountability can boost sales at your car dealership.

  • Knowing they are accountable for the time they spend at the dealership, employees will waste less time and try to spend more doing their job, which in this case would be selling cars.
  • Accountability towards customers will push employees to find customers the best car and help them with financing options (and everything else they need). Employees won’t be abrasive, even if they don’t see a sale. They will answer endless questions but not be overly pushy. Most of the time, this will lead towards a sale, a long-term customer-business relationship, a good business reputation, and referrals. 
  • Being accountable to oneself would push employees to put their 100% in work and strive for success, making more sales and raking in their commission.
  • A sense of accountability to their manager would encourage employees to meet their monthly targets, which, yet again, means more sales.

In the end, the benefit of everyone is in having accountability at your car dealership. The law of the jungle will only harm your business in the long run because you provide a service. 

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