The Humane Manager: Tips On Helping Your Team Heal Through A Burnout

The Humane Manager: Tips On Helping Your Team Heal Through A Burnout

Do you know someone who’s been in a rut for the last few weeks or months?

Do they feel exhausted all the time, but it’s not clear why?

It could be that they’re experiencing employee burnout. Burnout is when your body and mind are overworked to the point where you stop caring about what happens to either one. It can happen quickly or gradually, depending on how much stress your body can handle at any given time. The symptoms may not be the same for every person. Still, some common signs are an increased need for sleep, chronic fatigue during work, decreased enthusiasm for activities outside of work hours, and irritability with friends and family members. If this sounds like someone in your team, you need to check on them and ensure they heal soon.

Engaging a professional life coach like Professional Success South in Los Angeles, CA, can be beneficial in keeping employee morale up.

1) Listen to Them

Often, employees don’t want to talk about their issues because they feel like it doesn’t affect anyone or nobody cares. But when you’re in a leadership position, your team members expect guidance and support from you. If someone is open with you about what’s going on, listen carefully to them so that you know how best to help – even if all they need is some space or time off work. Make sure not to interrupt them while speaking; this will only make them clam up again. And encourage them by telling them that everyone has bad days and that part of being human means getting tired once in a while.

2) Share Targets and Set Achievable Goals 

When you set goals for your employees, make sure they are achievable. You don’t want to overwhelm them or create impossible standards that will only fail. It is also essential to set rewards for goals; rewarding good performance will give employees a reason to continue striving towards their goals.

3) Get Serious About Mental Health

Depression, fear, and anxiety are all feelings that can cause mental health issues. Make sure your workplace is safe to talk about mental health issues and encourage employees to seek help if they need it. Although people are not usually upfront about the mental challenges they face, you need to take control and observe significant changes in behavior. If someone starts to have problems with their job performance, you need to sit down and talk about what is going on.

The keys to successful burnout prevention are building trust within employees to confide in those closest to them. Having an open environment where mental health issues are not stigmatized as something negative or shameful; setting goals for employees that are challenging but do not overwhelm them; rewarding good work appropriately. All of these factors play into the overall wellness of your company culture.

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