Stepping Up In A Time Of Crisis: Leadership Skills You Will Need In 2021

Stepping Up In A Time Of Crisis: Leadership Skills You Will Need In 2021

Today, we are amid a global pandemic that none of us has ever experienced before. While working from home has become a norm these days, business owners and managers are grappling with managing their teams from a distance.

Moreover, since all workers’ return is still undecided, anticipating how things will be in the future, and preparing for the uncertainties is one of the most challenging tasks. But until then, know that communication is the only key to ensure the entire team is on the same page.

Now, being a frontline manager, multiple thoughts might be crossing your mind, among which the ‘what if’s’ must be troubling you the most. After all, the unfamiliarity with the new working process will undoubtedly affect your operations and make you question your abilities as a leader.

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In today’s blog, we will discuss four essential leadership skills that you’d want to adopt to lead during the transformation efficiently.

1. Truthfulness

Since there is a restriction on in-person meetings and conferences, you must remain honest and sincere at all times. Ensure communicating things only that you know and are aware of; otherwise, your team will know when you are making things up and eventually lose trust. Moreover, try to be as transparent as you can be because this matters the most in times of crisis.

2. Empathy

Whether it is clients, colleagues, or any other professional you come across during your working hours, make sure you talk to them nicely. Because you don’t know what they’ve been through during the pandemic, so saying things they might be sensitive about can affect their overall performance.

Moreover, if someone tells an unfortunate situation, be sure to be humble about it. This will help you set an example to your co-workers about how to lead with competence and empathy.

3. Empowerment

Regardless of working from home or office, always encourage your team members to give their input. While you remain the last person to approve the shared ideas, this approach will create a more interactive and engaging environment. By doing so, your team will know that they are valued and their opinions matter in boosting the company’s image.

4. Risk Mitigation

Remember not to let the uncertainties get the best of you. However, it would help if you think about all the potential risks and challenges beforehand to avoid unfavorable situations.

Here, what you can do is, is note down all the possible factors that can disrupt your business operations. Ensure prioritizing them accordingly and reviewing them before making any decision. This way, not only will you remain risk-aware but also risk-averse where needed.

All in all, while the pandemic has significantly impacted our daily routine and schedules, these are the following skills that can help you stay afloat during times of ambiguity.

If you practiced them thoroughly, nobody could stop you from efficiently leading your team!

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