Automotive Package

Professional Success was born from a pure vision of being a catalyst for differentiating dealer groups and dealerships and creating a culture of unparalleled customer service and experience throughout the “Customer Life Cycle” or CLM – Customer Life Cycle Management. This can only be achieved by being unrelenting in passion and consummate care from initial contact throughout the relationship or lifecycle. This “culture” must be built and then maintained from the top down through perpetual training, learning, and growth! This will be the difference in maintaining these disciplines that always point us toward the greater good!

With these same practiced and maintained efforts at our very core, we look to partner with dealerships and build extraordinary customer experience and maintaining ROI for healthy benchmarks in growth!

Full-Service Training and Consulting: 

Level 1 – Establishing our foundation and managing and measuring quality growth for Retail Sales, Internet Sales, Service and Parts and maintaining the professional loop that always leads to Trophy!

Custom Media / Process Build $1000 (Normally $2500) One-time Fee 

  • All custom-built proven processes within the CRM will establish the proper targeted business rules that generate timely manual and automated campaigns and the execution of Call, Text, and email.  
  • All customized PC and mobile specific email templates, text templates, and phone scripts with links for response generation and all the SEO benefits, as well as ease and convenience for 1 click customer assimilation at a by model level is what we are all about. We build for inbox relevance and response… big and pretty are not relevant if we don’t get opens, clicks, and replies… We focus on customer desired data delivered in, detail specific, prompt, with ease to generate conversion not just impressions. We have in depth knowledge and relationships within all major CRM Providers Momentum, Dealersocket, Vinsolutions, Reynolds Contact Mgr., CDK,  
  • We can also handle multi lingual (Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Farsi, etc.…) reaching people in their own language allows for a much higher relational and confidence. This media depending on how many languages has an extra cost that we can discuss. 

Process Implementation, and management, training and managing ecommerce excellence $4,500 month for 2 Full Days of Implantation / Immersion training and 20 Hours of Offsite monitoring a month. *(Our referral discounted rate from $5,500 normal rate).   

This is an initial 90 day contract. It will then be a month to month contract with a 30-day cancellation moving forward. 

  • 2 full 8-hour days a month of process management and training visits, and 16 to 20 hours a month off site managing and overseeing process, digital marketing, website specials and content posting. 
  • Digital Mktg. reporting, coordination and guidance working with team partners on unifying presence on your website, email, text, chat and all your digital participations. Conversion focused measurement and growth. 
  • Lead management and marketing ROI reporting monthly and quarterly reviews to keep only what is working well for us and what is not. 
  • Monthly competitor shopping reports, pricing matrix by model on competitive market analysis from Google analytics review, and performance adjustments. 
  • Bmodel weekly active lead CRM email and phone campaigns built and sent each Wednesday night to best capture upcoming weekend business. 
  • Weekly open reporting, call sheets for follow up…for better hunting of active prospects  
  • Monthly / quarterly E newsletter style of email campaign for “Lost Status” leads keeping all of our sales incentives, service offerings, and linking our website to our social portals in an integrated effort with team partners
  • Once a week- Customer database market campaigns for buy back and or loyalty upgrade programs integrated with revenue radar. This is so we don’t mismanage the marketability of the prospect and customer databases.