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We Coach Individuals & Groups To Communicate Effectively With Confidence

Do You Feel Any of the Following?

Professional Communication Coaching I Avoid Speaking Up in Meetings

Professional Communication Coaching I Can't Get My Point Across

Professional Communication Coaching I Can't Sell Anything!

Professional Communication Coaching I am Unexpressive

Professional Communication Coaching I Go Unnoticed

Lack of Confidence Could
Be the Cause

The Good News is: Confidence Can Be Acquired!
A Proven Process Exists.
Professional Success South Can Be Your
Game Changer!


No theory!
Practical Coaching Framework

Our coaching is loaded with practical & easy to apply framework. Our process has been proven to boost confidence in communication for years.


21 Proven
Confidence Booster

Our coaching comes with time tested 21 confidence boosting exercises. These will shoot your confidence & help you communicate like a star.


To Your Specific

Our coaching programs are 100% customized to your specific needs. Regardless of your background, we have a coaching program that will shift your communication to a whole new level.

Communication Lacking Confidence Means Lost Opportunities.

You Can Learn to Communicate With Confidence!

Our Experts Will Shift Your Communication to a New Level.

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We have 3 decades of experience in
the communication training Industry.

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We have coached 4,000+ individuals & senior level executives across the U.S.

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We have over 200 hours of engaging training video content to support our sessions.

Getting Started is Simple!


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Sign up for a free coaching session using the button below. Our experts will schedule a virtual session.

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2. Get The Free Session &
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Go through our free coaching. Approve the coaching contract at the end of the session.


3. Watch The Confidence in
Your Communication Rise

Witness your confidence rise to new levels as you progress through our custom communication coaching sessions.

Praise from our clients

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Stephen H.

This coaching saved me from getting a divorce & then helped me close a $14 million deal.

testimonial - Professional Success South

John P.

Bill is a super star communication coach who knows how to install confidence in people. And help them retain confidence for life!

Meet the Founder

Bill Kurzeja is the owner and Founder of professional success south, a professional sales training and business consulting firm. Bill’s career began in the United States Army where he learned discipline and the importance of strict attention to detail. Over the next 8 years, he made his way up the ranks to sergeant where he learned not only leadership but the importance of clear, effective communication in training. This made his next move as he transitioned out of the military in 2001 obvious; he would enter the retail automotive industry. Beginning as a salesperson, he quickly rose through the ranks through finance, into sales manager, and finally into the GSM and GM positions. Bill now follows his passion for training and coaching, specializing in the basics of communication and how paying attention to details will build a strong foundation. He is always working to bring knowledge to as many people as possible whether through his clients, on social media, or through his weekly podcast, “Get focused with Bill K and Gina Faye”.

Currently, Bill has begun training to become a triathlete and is on a mission to become the number one ranked member of his age group despite not knowing how to swim when he first began training!
Bill Kurzeja - Professional Success South
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Do You Provide On-Site or Virtual Sales Training?

We do both! Whether it's virtual or on-site, you will receive interactive sessions from our coaching experts.

What is the pricing for this coaching?

Our coaching plans are customized according to your personal or organizational needs. So it's difficult to give a one size fits all estimate. Get in touch with our communication coach and we will give you a pricing plan to suit your budget in less than 24 hours.

What is the duration of these trainings?

Most coaching sessions complete within 2 - 3 days. The duration and timing can be customized based on your personal or organizational needs.

Let Us Help You Transform Your Communication Skills & Boost Confidence!