Reading through articles and blogs can often get tiresome but Professional Success South’s owner, Bill Kurzeja, knows exactly how to keep a crowd entertained with his engaging podcasts covering diverse topics with various hosts from all over the US!

When he isn’t at his office working with his dedicated team of business consultants and sales training experts, he is occupied with recording some of the most entertaining, yet informative podcasts that you can listen to on your commute! ‘Quit Bleeping Around’, “Lab Coat Agents’, and ‘Modern Agent’, are just a few of the several podcasts that Bill has recorded.

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Best Real estate investing advice

Best Real Estate
Investing Advice Ever

Host: Alex Bostus

Recorded Date

March 04, 2020

The Modern Agent podcast

Modern Agent

Host: Rick

Recorded Date

March 13, 2020


Quit Bleeping Around

Host: Christina Evans

Recorded Date                 Publish Date

March 13, 2020          May 06, 2020

Available to Listen Now

Life as leadership

Life As Leadership

Host: Joshua Friedeman

Recorded Date                 Publish Date

March 17, 2020        April 12, 2020

Available to Listen Now

can confidence be caught

Dream Business Radio

Host: Jim Palmer

Recorded Date                 Publish Date

March 24, 2020       April 20, 2020

Available to Listen Now

Top Agent

Top Agent

Host: Kosta Panagoulias

Recorded Date

May 14, 2020

Meet the Founder

Bill Kurzeja is the owner and Founder of professional success south, a professional sales training and business consulting firm. Bill’s career began in the United States Army where he learned discipline and the importance of strict attention to detail. Over the next 8 years, he made his way up the ranks to sergeant where he learned not only leadership but the importance of clear, effective communication in training. This made his next move as he transitioned out of the military in 2001 obvious; he would enter the retail automotive industry. Beginning as a salesperson, he quickly rose through the ranks through finance, into sales manager, and finally into the GSM and GM positions. Bill now follows his passion for training and coaching, specializing in the basics of communication and how paying attention to details will build a strong foundation. He is always working to bring knowledge to as many people as possible whether through his clients, on social media, or through his weekly podcast, “Get focused with Bill K and Gina Faye”.

Currently, Bill has begun training to become a triathlete and is on a mission to become the number one ranked member of his age group despite not knowing how to swim when he first began training!

Bill Kurzeja