Importance of Communication for School-Going Kids

Importance of Communication for School-Going Kids

Developing sound communication skills is vital for individuals of all ages.

Whether you want to excel at school, maintain good relations with friends and family, or succeed in the marketplace, communication is the key that holds it all together.

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And while no age is too late to start improving how you communicate, we believe that parents should start teaching their kids these skills during their early years. It is a mistake to assume that children will start learning communication skills in the classroom.

For soon-to-become parents and as well those with school-going kids, it is necessary to understand the importance of communication at an early age.

Communication Skills and Child Development

To begin with, communication skills are an integral part of your child’s early development. And later on, communication skills (or a lack thereof) will determine their quality of life. So this is one area where you need to be the most proactive.

Here are some of the benefits of teaching children proper communication in their formative years:

  • They will learn to express themselves clearly, both at home and school
  • They will be able to express their feelings in a healthy manner
  • Communication skills will make them better learners (as they will not hesitate to ask questions)
  • They will have more meaningful encounters in the outside world
  • Having a strong social IQ is another benefit of communication skills developed at an early age
  • Children who can communicate well will also be good at expressing themselves through writing

Before moving on, also remember that communication also plays a role in your child’s mental health. Knowing what we know about mental issues nowadays, parents should train and encourage their children to communicate openly to prevent behavioral disorders like low self-esteem, social withdrawal, and depression.

So what are some of the most basic skills that children should learn? Let’s find out…

Basic Communication Skills for Children

Here are some crucial aspects of communication that kids should ideally learn from their parents:

  • Being Polite

Your child should know how to enter into conversation politely without cutting someone off. Teach them to greet the other person with a smile.

  • Body Language

This follows from the previous point. A child should the importance of non-verbal cues like maintaining eye contact while speaking, or nodding while the other person is talking.

  • Listening Attentively

Part of sound communication skills is to listen to the other person attentively. Parents should model this behavior so that kids can also listen to learn without interrupting someone.

Moreover, your child so also be able to communicate with proper grammar. Encourage them to speak in complete sentences, using the right vocabulary and pronunciation. However, you have to be careful not to be overly critical. Also, let your children take their time to communicate. This can also help avoid stuttering.

Activities for Developing Communication Skills

There are several simple activities that you can do with your kids to promote good communication.

Reading, for instance, is a great way to develop language acquisition and building their vocabulary. Exposure to good written materials also helps to understand what clear and easy communication looks like. As they grow older, information and stories acquired from books will help them hold stimulating conversations with their peers.

Another activity to help children open up is to encourage them to describe how the day was, both verbally and through journaling. This will teach them to boost their listening, writing and speaking skills, while also sharpening their observation and emotional intelligence.

These are just some of the ways in which you can encourage children to become better communicators. Communication skills developed at home can be honed in the classroom as the children interact with fellow students and teachers, and takes part in group discussions and presentations.

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