“I Want To Speak To Your Manager!” 4 Ways To Professionally Deal With Difficult Customers – And Win Them Too!

“I Want To Speak To Your Manager!” 4 Ways To Professionally Deal With Difficult Customers – And Win Them Too!

Dealing with irrational and highly demanding customers can be frustrating. They’re unreasonable, they act entitled, and worst of all, they never want to take responsibility for their own mistakes!

“I want to speak to your manager!” You’ve probably heard it before. It’s not uncommon for customers to ask, and if you’re the only person on duty, it can be a problematic request. But don’t worry! There are many ways to handle this situation professionally without making your day any worse.

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This blog post will discuss different strategies for handling demanding customers and ensuring they leave your place satisfied.

1) Ensure Professional Communication 

When someone tells you that they need to talk with your manager, ask them politely (and not in an accusatory way) why they must speak with somebody superior to you. Your attitude should be professional, and the idea should be not to confront the person seeking help.

2) Listen to them Attentively

The biggest mistake people make when speaking with somebody who is stressed out or angry is not to listen.

You should be completely present and attentive during your conversation, even if you feel like the person’s demands are unreasonable.

When someone feels heard, their stress levels tend to go down. This will help ensure that you can amicably resolve any communication problems, so everyone benefits from the final result instead of resenting one another after coming into contact with each other.

It might sound counterintuitive since we’re discussing demanding customers here, but this technique has helped many tremendously over the years.

3) Assess their Needs and Explain What You Can and Cannot Do for Them 

Once you actively listen, your goal should be to assess their demands and find a way to help them. You can’t do everything they ask, but you should see a way to help them with some of their concerns (if not all).

4) Call the Manager

Taking matters into our own hands might seem like a great idea, but we often forget about how much more effective teamwork can be. It’s important to remember that there may be misunderstandings between you and the customer, so you’ll get closer to reaching an agreement by trying to put everything out in the open. The manager can act as an intermediary and calm things down.

The process of handling a demanding customer is easier said than done! You’ve got to have your wits to calm the situation and ensure that the customer’s issues are resolved amicably. Professional Success South offers sales training to small businesses in San Diego, helping them manage unforeseen circumstances. Schedule a free coaching session now! And level up your business game.