How To Manage Customer Service – A Quick Guide For The Holiday Rush

How To Manage Customer Service – A Quick Guide For The Holiday Rush

It’s the holiday season, and it can be a hectic time for small business owners. You’ve got to keep your employees happy, your customers serviced, and keep everything going smoothly. But don’t worry – we’re here with some advice to help you get through the holidays without losing your sanity!

This blog post will be going over how to manage customer service during the holiday rush best.

1) Create a Plan Nice and Early

It would help if you drafted a customer service plan a couple of months before the holiday season starts. This includes working out options, researching customer service trends, and embracing ones that best fit your needs.

This planning process involves serious brainstorming and creativity. You’ll need to think of ways to make your customer service as efficient as possible by streamlining processes and exploring every option available.

You should also anticipate problems that might arise during the holiday rush, including equipment malfunctions and employee vacations, to natural disasters like fires or blizzards (you never know). 

2) Set Customer Expectations

This involves communicating the services you offer and the business policy you follow. Your customers must know the terms and conditions you have set up to avoid confusion or miscommunication.

For example, you can state that your business will only accept returns within 30 days of purchase if the customer is not 100% satisfied with their order. This policy clarifies what they should expect from your company and ensures no misunderstandings about return policies among customers. You also want to let them know how long production takes so they don’t have unrealistic expectations for getting an item by a specific date (i.e., before Christmas).

You may consider adding this information to your website’s FAQ section as well as sending out informational email reminders on some popular holidays like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, where many shoppers place orders online for holiday gifts. Seeking advice from a professional business consulting company like Professional Success South can be very beneficial.

3) Automate Your Workflow

According to research, 75% of customers prefer fast response times. With the holiday season approaching, you may want to put automated workflow tools into place that will help you respond even faster.

For example, a customer service chatbot can be programmed to respond based on specific keywords or phrases from customers. This way, common questions, and concerns will be anticipated, and your actual employees won’t have to work so hard to answer repetitive requests from shoppers.

You may also consider providing automated email templates that allow your team members to quickly send out standardized messages for common scenarios such as order confirmations, explaining shipping policies, etc.

Customer expectations have changed post-Covid pandemic. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and provide a service that follows expected trends, then you need to seek professional help. Professional Success South, the premier small business consultation provider, can help you up your business game during the holiday rush in Los Angeles

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