Fearless Leaders: How Strong Leaders Use Resilience To Emerge From Crisis

Fearless Leaders: How Strong Leaders Use Resilience To Emerge From Crisis

Resilience is a quality that distinguishes good leaders from great ones. It is what can tip the scales in your favor or against you. A crisis is a situation where your abilities as a leader are tested to the brink.

One wrong choice can cost your business dearly. The only thing that comes in handy in unprecedented situations is resilience.

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Times like now are when your capabilities as a leader are tested the most. COVID-19 pandemic is a classic example. It has shelved many companies’ business operations and has floored industries around the world to the ground.

However, you must have read in the papers how some firms have continued to grow even in these dark and desperate times.

Here’s how you can be a better leader who guides his company out of the pits of despair brought on by the Great Lockdown and the pandemic.

Stay At It

It’s not easy to sail through a storm, but all you can do is continue your course and wait it out.

Stand resilient, firm, and determined. You are the backbone of your organization. If you panic, your employees will too. And if they panic, you have to be their rock and control the anxiety levels.

Soothe their worries and get their determination up to the same level as yours. Together under your resilient guidance, your organization can make it through the crisis.

Adapt To The Situation

The market has shifted. Lockdown has been imposed. And social distancing has become mandatory.

In this situation, you need to quickly and fully adapt to the situation and conditions around you. Every day your operations are ceased adds to your losses. Embrace remote working, automated production, and find different channels of getting in orders and projects.

Fight For Relevance

Make your products and services more relevant to the current scenario. If you don’t adapt, you will run out of business. To survive, you have to be strong and relevant. Don’t fight over old ideologies; move forward with what you have. Take advantage. Make lemonade out of lemons.

Find Quick Solutions

There is no time to panic or wait until you have complete data to revise your strategies or make decisions. You have to act quickly and on instinct.

In a crisis, you will never see all the cards; just see your own hand. Take decisions based on your situation, what you have, and what you know. The worst that could happen is that you’d be wrong. You can do damage control and go for another option. However, the worst thing you can do as a leader is not to do anything at all. Quick decision making is one of the keys to success.

Bounce Back

If you make a wrong decision, don’t give up or get buried under the wreckage. Rise above it.

You need to keep bailing your company out, or you will go bankrupt. Also, be prepared to resume operations as soon as the lockdown is over quickly.

And why stop there? Have a recovery plan in place well before the crisis is over, so you have a head start. The harder you bounce back, the farther you will go. Stay resilient!

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