Does Email Marketing Still Work? (If Yes, How?)

Does Email Marketing Still Work? (If Yes, How?)

As we move along 2020, many businesses are wondering if email marketing still works.

The short answer is yes. Email marketing not only works, but all indicators show that it will continue to work in 2021 and beyond.

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And today, we talk about email marketing, whether it still works or not. And if it does, how you can improve engagement and increase your sales.

What the numbers suggest

While social media engagement is increasing dramatically, the number of people using email has not declined. In fact, the numbers suggest that email usage is actually on the rise.

It is estimated there are 3 billion active email users as of 2019. This means more than 90% of internet users have an email account. And we are not even counting people who have more than one ID.

When we talk about email marketing specifically, more than 80% of B2B marketers are still using this approach, out of which almost 60% find it useful. Of course, the effectiveness of email marketing depends a lot on the content and strategy.

Benefits of email marketing

When used correctly, email marketing helps you generate leads, create new customers, and increase brand loyalty. And there are several ways to use email to engage with your customers.

The traditional method is to announce promotions, sales, or launch new products to encourage impulse buying. But emails can also be used to boost customer loyalty.

Moreover, emails can be informational as well, nurturing leads with valuable content. You can use informational campaigns to keep customers in the loop about new features and updates or to get feedback on a particular service or product.

Now that we caught a glimpse of the numbers and benefits of email marketing, let’s check out a few tips on how to make the best of your email campaigns.

Personalize your emails

One of the best things about email marketing is that you can add a personal touch to increase response rates and boost engagement. You can use names in the messages – but just stick to the first name. And avoid misspellings!

Make most of your subject line

Don’t give your busy customers the difficult job of opening your email in their flooded inbox to discover what you have to say.

Instead, make their life easier by making the most of subject lines, headlines, and subheads. Be simple and straightforward so that the recipients understand the purpose of your message with a brief scan.

Write good copy

When you’ve got them to open your email, the next thing to do is follow it up with targeted, brief, and enticing copy.

You can start with the what (your product or service), followed by the why (reasons why people should buy or sign-up). And then follow this seamlessly with the how.

This brings us to the next point.

Call users to action

Once you have described the features and benefits of your product, you have to show them how to take action. Never leave anything to their understanding and imagination. You need to incorporate links and buttons with clear CTAs like ‘sign up,’ ‘download,’ ‘get a free quote,’ etc.

So that’s about it. These tips will help to boost your email engagement.

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