7 Sales Training Programs To Maximize Performance In 2022

7 Sales Training Programs To Maximize Performance In 2022

Sales training programs are worthwhile investments and essential to keeping your team sharp and motivated. And with new technology and sales tactics emerging every day, it can be tough to stay up to date. So Professional Success South has compiled a list of the recommended training programs that can help you get the most out of your team in 2022. Whether you’re looking for classic techniques or cutting-edge methods, these programs will cover you.

What Are Sales Training Programs?

These programs are designed to educate and equip salespeople with the skills and knowledge to succeed. Sales training can cover various topics, from product knowledge to customer service tips to Sales 101. Most programs are led by experienced sales trainers who use a mix of lectures, group activities, and role-playing exercises to teach the material.

Here are some of our recommended sales training programs that can help maximize the sales performance of your team:

1. The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process Specialization – This program is offered through Coursera and covers a broad range of sales topics. The course includes information about customer segments, sales leads, pitch, closing, and building a process toolkit. It is a self-paced course and offers a certificate upon completion. The drawback is that it does not cover advanced topics but is excellent for beginners.

2. Learn the Foundation of Communication – This course offered by Professional Success South is an excellent choice for your sales team to learn the basics of communication. Communication skills are vital for the sales team to make a successful pitch. And you can get it for only USD 39.00!

3. Field Sales Training – These programs cover tips for communicating with the customers in-person, relationship-building techniques, sales pitches, closing, negotiations, etc. These programs are usually designed to enhance reps’ skills that typically work outside the office and in the field.

4. Inside Sales Training – These sales training programs cover strategies to engage customers via email, cold calling, and other avenues of telesales.

5. Learn Sales Skills: Practical Sales Techniques – Being an online platform, Udemy has a wide range of sales training courses. However, their Learn Sales Skills: Practical Sales Techniques course is a perfect choice and provides critical insights into understanding human psychology for closing sales.

6. B2B or B2C Training Programs – Depending on the type of industry, product, or service, it is essential to specify what kind of skills your team needs polished. B2B sales programs target decision-makers hence, have a different approach. B2C programs educate the reps about different sales strategies from social media, phones, digital marketing, live chat, email marketing, etc.

7. Virtual Selling Training Programs – Restrictions and lockdowns during Covid stopped in-person sales activities. Virtual communication modes have become popular. Now, even though things are going back to normal, virtual communication is a crucial tool to allow sales reps to reach faraway customers in less time. These programs help your team develop the skills to remove the online barrier and make successful pitches.

Choosing the right program to fulfill your specific need is crucial when selecting a training program. Professional Success South serving Palm Springs, CA, can help you.

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