6 Email Marketing Techniques To Use To Propel Your Company’s Sales

6 Email Marketing Techniques To Use To Propel Your Company’s Sales

Email marketing is an effective way to boost your company’s sales. In places like Los Angeles, California, where there is so much competition in every industry, firms need a way to stand out.

There are various ways a firm can market themselves and their product, but many don’t have as great a return on investment as provided by email marketing. Professional Success South helps out businesses in Los Angeles to make a forceful marketing impact with its custom email marketing service. Click here to get started!

According to DMA, every dollar a company spends on email marketing is likely to have an average return of $42.

However, despite the effectiveness of email marketing, not all firms are putting it to good use. Below are a few techniques that will elevate your email marketing strategy to spike sales:

1.    Personalize the right way

Personalizing emails isn’t just about addressing recipients with their first name. There is so much more to personalization. Overusing a user’s first name may seem creepy. However, you can dig deeper. Send in birthday email wishes, and do more to personalize.

2.    Optimize for mobile

According to Litmus, 46% of all emails are opened on mobile phones. Therefore, optimizing all emails for mobile has become a necessity. Without it, not only will the email be hard to read, but some elements of it won’t load or take too much time to appear.

3.    Make an irresistible offer

Offer your customers something they can’t say no to. Have a giveaway, invite them to free webinars, give massive discounts, make shipping free for a day, have a sale, offer coupons. Do something to boost your conversions. Sometimes all that is needed is that extra push.

4.    Send at the right time

When scheduling your emails, make email lists according to the time zones each user is in. Also, be sure to choose the time wisely.

You don’t want to send an email at a time where it could be lost in the traffic, like during a busy workday. Or when it is a nuisance for your customer like during the middle of the night. Do some research and find out what the best times are to send emails to your customers.

5.    Shorten the subject lines

Subject lines are the first impression a client gets about a business. If it is long or boring, customers won’t even bother to open your email.

The solution is simple. Keep the subject lines short, sweet, and catchy. The subject line should give a hint of the contents but, at the same time, create mystery. It should make customers curious enough to open the email.

6.    Reach out to inactive users

Don’t forget your old customers. Send an email to them every once in a while to remind them of your business. Maybe offer some sort of incentive on a purchase like a return gift.

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