4 Common Automotive Sales Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

4 Common Automotive Sales Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

If you’re an automotive dealer, you know that there are several moving parts in the automotive sales process. With so many things to keep track of – from inventory and hours to advertising and finance – it’s easy for even the most seasoned pros to make mistakes.

At Professional Success South, sales training is our forte; we’ve outlined four common sales mistakes below, along with some practical advice on what you can do differently to ensure your dealership stays successful.

1) Not Knowing the Product

You have to know your product inside and out. You can’t let any questions go unanswered because you need the customer’s confidence in your ability to serve them properly. Suppose a salesperson shows up at an appointment without having done their homework. In that case, they won’t be able to answer basic questions about the vehicle they are trying to sell, making it look like they’re trying to hide something.

The selling process starts long before someone walks into your showroom or service center door. The most successful dealerships are set apart from everyone else by how well-informed their staff is when customers come calling for information on buying a vehicle, leasing options, getting repairs completed, or scheduling maintenance services.

2) Being Too Pushy

In a bid to achieve their targets, most salespeople start being too pushy in their endeavors. This is not an approach that you should take, as this will drive customers away.

Every customer has a unique set of circumstances and preferences that you must try to understand. Every salesperson should think like the customer, anticipating what questions might come up and be ready with answers. So, they don’t have to solve problems on the spot or fumble for information at the last minute. No conversation needs pressure – if someone’s not in the market now, it doesn’t matter how good your deals are because there’ll always be another day when they may want to buy from you.

3) Poor Communication Skills 

If you’re not good at communication, it’s essential to improve. Even if the customer has all the information they need about your product or service, their questions are always valid and never silly – so answer them! Take the time to listen carefully because every question is a potential opportunity for further discussion.

4) Not Following Up

It’s a big mistake not to follow up with your customers after you’ve made a sale. After all, everyone likes to know they’re valued and appreciated, so always stay in touch – even if it is just through regular communication via email or on social networking sites.

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